Monday, January 23, 2006

this blog sucks

i am in the midst of quiting smoking. i am drinking far less than i have in the past, and not as much as i should. if someone tells me i shouldn't do something i really do think about doing it before actually doing it. i end up doing it well. i will use my talents to infiltrate the areas of life i don't normally frequent in order to spread my own brand of wisdom. i definatly am fucking wise and considerate. sometimes. not every time, thank jesus. you rock jesus!! jesus does not rock according to some some. that motherfucker stares at people, screaming at them from across the bar. fuck that shit homie. jesus has got to go to the other side. all three. some nights he dosen't even get noticed. x-men three comes out in may apparently. sweet. i won't see it right away. perhaps four days after it comes out. perhaps five. i am not going to take the time to explain most of the things i do. i will not spend my time asking anyone why they do the things they do. i'll still listen. i'll still hear it. even if i didn't want to i'd still hear it. jen was a fan of my hair coler and swiped it. jessy's hair still looks good. she's always got the bomb ass hair. stevie wants a haircut before kansas. mike definatly needs a haircut. wendy should get a new hairstyle. all cats should get shaved. the color of robins hair reminds me of someone else's, though i can't place who. lindsay has an ok hairstyle, though it was hot when it was spiked. the frohawk. the dye. i rocked the dye and the frohawk for awhile. a bartender i work with try's to rock the frohawk and so i will not for the time being. there is a fine line between nice ripped jeans and ripped jeans that try to hard. you've just got to be carefull. a little to much, you're screwd. not quite enough and your definatly not. this blog sucks. this life is the shit. don't hate it if you want less of it. don't covet it if you want more of it. g-unit!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

i love every woman

i'm never blogging again!!!